Email Hosting

We consult on and provide a number of different email solutions.

  1. Google Apps for Domains
    This is our favorite and most reliable email system.  At only ~$4/user per month for ALL the Google Apps features and 30GB per user? It is an unbelievable deal. We only bill you for the initial setup, migration of existing email accounts/messages and ongoing support.  We will even manage your system if you choose. Totally brainless email solution.
  2. Standard “managed” IMAP/POP3 with webmail
    For this service, we can either setup your domain through Rackspace’s email offering or install a dedicated VPS or physical server with the email software of your choice (you gotta pay for licensing).  Both are excellent options and have their pros and cons.  Rackspace can provide virtually unlimited numbers of boxes and space, while hosting on a dedicated server can be limited and expensive, I’ll be honest with you, use one of the “big guys”, even if I will make less $, that is the truth.  Contact me to discuss specifics.
  3. Microsoft Exchange
    Many companies are excellent Microsft Exchange providers.  Using this option provides you with a true Microsoft experience, if your budget allows.  Rackspace is unique in that they offer a “hybrid” solution, allowing you to mix normal IMAP/POP3 boxes and still have Exchange for key people in your organization who really need it instead of putting everyone on Exchange. Others have their own niches. I help help you explore your options and find the best solution.
  4. Onsite Setup
    I can assist you in installing a reliable mail server on your own network and server remotely using RDC, Teamviewer or other remote access program, if you insist on self hosting.  I prefer SmarterMail or hMail on Windows and there are a number of OpenSource systems for Linux.

Overall we prefer using Google Apps due to the reliability and robust features offered, followed closely by Rackspace and others.  Managing a large email system on your own, even with a full-time administrator is a pain the the ass, can be expensive, and very daunting.  We prefer to leave it to the “big guys” to provide mission critical service while we provide the “know how” to make it a flexible and an easy to implement solution for You.