I mostly listen to Rock, Metal, and various other 1990’s+ grunge type stuff, but I was relatively recently introduced to the Music of Brandi Carlile by a friend of mine, Matt, and I never seem to tire of her music like some of the “new” stuff that comes around these days.

I have her self titled album, Brandi Carlile, and each song is actually good, there isn’t 2-3 good ones and an album full of filler, each song is unique in it’s own way and Brandi’s talent is exceptional.

Some songs are sad, some are happy, some are in between, but they are all excellent.  Now thinking about it, I cannot even pick a favorite, I like the whole album.

I’ve been meaning to try and get to see her in concert soon, my aforementioned friend, Matt, is the photographer of the great shot of her on this page and is an acquaintance of hers.  I was scheduled to go see her open for Train in May in Cincinnati, but the gig was cancelled and the next one, I was busy and it seems as if this years tour is winding down.  Oh well, next time she is anywhere within 200 miles, I’m going to try and make it.

So in conclusion, if you like acoustic, folksy, pop singers, or even if you don’t, I SERIOUSLY suggest checking out her album.  If you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you.