A bunch of Terri Schindler-Schiavo links…Some are older, but there is some amazing information here.  There has to be something bigger going on.  With the evidence presented on this page.  It proves that Terri is not a veg! But the judges don’t seem to care.

I haven’t posted much about this situation.  If you are one that agrees with Michael Schiavo and the people on his side saying she is in a PVS or Brain Dead… Watch these!

The Video Clips Of Terri They Tried to Censor (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush Files For Custody Of Terri Schiavo
This Year’s Holy Week Atrocity: Kill Terri Schiavo
I Thirst – Terri Nears Death
US Supreme Court Orders Terri Put To Death
Open Letter to America On Terri Schiavo’s Plight
Klayman And Keyes Ask Jeb Bush To ‘Pardon’ Terri
Greer Ignored 30-Count DCF Charges Against Mike
Terri’s Parents Appeal To Supreme Court
FL Law Agent Investigation Of Mike Schiavo Blocked
Schiavo Judge Greer Axes Last-Minute ‘Rescue’
Dr. William Cheshire’s Stunning Affidavit About Terri(pdf)
Highlights – Gov. Bush Press Conference
Kids Arrested For Trying To Bring Water To Terri
Full US Appeals Court Denies Terri Again
U.S. Court Rejects Appeal Over Schiavo’s Feeding Tube
Feds Exhaust Options For Terri – Bush
Terri’s Fate – Are We Humans Terrific Or What!?
Terri Hospice Nurse Appalled At What Is Being Done

(Links pulled from RENSE)