Want an simple and easy way to access your Amazon S3 account?

I’ve tried JungleDisk.  It’s good and provides lots of features to those who need them.  I’ve also use Bucket Explorer, but it seems very slow on loading the file list on large folders.

How about for the rest of us that just need to be able to upload/download and set permissions?

I googled around today and ran across S3Fox.  It is a Firefox plugin that runs within the browser and was amazing quick and easy to configure and access S3.

Once installed and configured, you can easily access files under “Tools”, “S3 Organizer” where it loads up a nice FTP looking interface.

Once a file is uploaded, you can right click on it and change permissions (in case you need to use the files on a public website).

I use Amazon S3 for a client site that has a page with LOTS of images.  With the Mosso Compute Cycle issue I mentioned in the last post, this offloads 400+ small 10-15k images off that server and onto Mosso.  I also use it for miscellaneous personal file storage and it seems to be working out great!