Although I’m sure the GoToMyPC service is very useful for some, I hate their commercials. They are trying to get across the point that “You can access your PC from Anywhere in the world…”

The problem I have with the commercials is that they use examples where even their own service isn’t accessible.

These are a few that I remember… They are not verbatim.

1. You are at the big game and the boss calls and needs something from your office PC.

2. You are fly fishing in the mountains of Montana and your partner calls and needs a file or you’ll lose your client.

3. You are climbing a mountain and are at 15000′ and you need to access something… blah blah

How are you even going to get a PC in these situations to even access your PC using GoToMyPC? I don’t think anyone at the company can answer that question. Maybe if you have a small laptop with a highspeed cellular/satellite internet connection and can stop in the middle of the above activities, log on to the internet and access GoToMyPC.

I’m going to call GoToMyPC sometime and use their own examples and find out how they expect me to access their services in those places.

This has annoyed me since the first time I saw these commercials. I think they need an entire new marketing department.