I started service on 8/6 to try it out, did not like it, so I cancelled within the 30 day “money back guarantee” period and now I’m being told I have to wait till NOVEMBER to get my money back!

The reasons I didn’t like it was that the control panel was clunky and it was hard to find addons and stuff you wanted to install, such as an additional sub-domain.

After going to the site and choosing cancel, it stated I had to call an 800 number to cancel only during business hours (9-5). This was a little hard and I had to use up part of my lunch break at work. The number didn’t even ring through to a person, it just gave me a recorded message and hung up. I tried again, same thing.

I called the main customer support line and waited for 15 minutes to get through to a customer service rep, once connected, they said they’d forward me to cancellations, 5 more minutes and the line disconnected. I went ahead and put in a ticket and after a little while got back a cancellation notice.

I checked my credit card just to see how much I was originally billed (95.40) and figured I’d ask how long it would take to credit back to me.

Thank you for contacting Globat.com.

Please be advised that your refund has already been scheduled on the second half of November.

The 2nd half of November!? WTF!

They decide that they are going to hold my refund for 3 months! I searched through the cancellation policy and Terms of Service and found nothing saying that they would hold my money for 3 MONTHS!

I’m getting frustrated, so I called customer service and ask to be connected to a billing representative. No go… The rep, whom could barely understand through his THICK Indian accent, either couldn’t or refused to put me through. He kept asking for specific information, but never told me exactly what he wanted… I hung up.

I tried again… Got another Indian, with not as bad of an accent, and he told me that billing doesn’t have direct lines. Great… So I get into chat, and they said they’d forward my “expedited refund request” onto the billing managers…

That’s where I am as of now.

I will NEVER, EVER use Globat again, Their support sucks and they LOVE your money, so much so that they shack up with it for 3 MONTHS after you cancel your service.


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