This is a dark day for the right to life.

Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer have successfully murdered Terri Schindler-Schiavo, unfortunately before the President and his brother could do what they should have done. They could’ve done anything they wanted. The president himself could’ve walked into that room with his own doctors and re-inserted the tube.

NO ONE could’ve stopped him. NO ONE. I don’t understand why he didn’t take action. They have nothing to lose, both W and Jeb cannot run again for their offices, Jeb doesn’t even want to run for president.

So why didn’t they do anything? That’s a good question that I personally do not have a specific answer for.

But I agree with what Jerry Doyle just said on the radio. The parties have let us down and I no longer consider myself a republican. I am now Independent and will join the first third party I agree with that starts getting defectors from the Big 2 like the Constitution Party

Bye-Bye to the republican party!