200_godaddy_logo.gifOne of my clients let one of their old domains expire, and it was out of the redemption period before I found out about it. The status changed to PendingDelete which is where it stays for a week or so. I put in a backorder request just as it went into PendingDelete status and figured I’d get it no problem. The domain was registered with GoDaddy and was expiring there, so I figured I would have first dibs on it when it got deleted. I waited and waited for a week or so and the night the capture was to take place. It’s lost.

Some Russian registrar and “Domain Name Investment Group” got it before I did. Sure they are probably “experts” at getting domains, but as I stated above, I feel first dibs should be given to the people who are backordering on the same registrar the domain is on.

GoDaddy’s backordering system should’ve know exactly when that domain was going to be deleted and before doing so should have queried to find out if any GoDaddy customer already had a backorder. I actually had 2, one on GoDaddy.com and one on my GoDaddy reseller site.

Although I pay nothing for this service unless successful, it is still very disappointing to lose a domain to some squatters on a Russian Registrar.