2010 Movie CoverMay 2010 be a more prosperous year for everyone.

For me 2009 was a depressing year of government bailouts and indecision.

Where are the flying cars and trips to Jupiter I’ve been expecting since childhood (2001 & 2010 movies). Instead of space exploration, all we got was a stinking terrorist attack (WTC) and an Undie Bomber. Sigh…

Perhaps 2010 will be the “Year we make contact” and final disclosure along with a global social transformation.

We’re about overdue for something like this.  Never know what the “black budget” has gone into since the last major releases of things like the stealth fighters and bomber.  Too much space stuff is being discovered and too many organizations, like the Vatican, are starting to focus on the “heavens”.  Perhaps the next big revelation is that we [humans] have quietly built bases on other planets in our solar system with help from “others” who have assisted us technologically.  Too many people simply “vanish” without a trace every year without something going on.  Perhaps they are being moved to other places.

Enough rambling from me.  Looking forward to what 2010 brings us.