Mexicans head home
In an ironic twist of migration direction, hundreds of Mexicans living on the Gulf Coast rushed home Thursday to avoid Rita, while authorities in northern Mexico readied shelters and prepared for heavy rains.

Mexican families coming from Houston, Galveston, South Padre Island, Corpus Christi and Pasadena, Texas, waited in lines at Nuevo Laredo to get temporary import permits for their cars.

The storm?s course change could send it away from Houston and Galveston and instead draw the hurricane toward Port Arthur, Texas, or Lake Charles, La., at least 60 miles up the coast, by late Friday or early Saturday.

There is no better time to secure the borders than now! MANY mexicans are heading back home… Now is time to let them know that if they’re illegal then they can’t get back in.

Let the ones with valid work permits or are working towards citizenship to come back, but if they were illegal in the first place, keep them there!