geeksbro.jpgThis is my brothers new puppy, cute little fella ain’t he? Just wait… Look at the size of those paws. 🙂

He’s gonna be one big ‘little’ puppy here in a year or so.

I will eventually get a puppy. Just have not decided on what breed yet. Interested in a Husky or Malamute, but may settle for a ‘used’, good natured, well trained, retired police dog or something…

I demand discipline once they are to the size that they can PULL you down the street or terrorize neighborhood kids.

Although that may be a ‘good’ thing. 🙂

My mom’s puppy is big, although not the size this guy is going to get, but he acts more human than I’d prefer a 4-legged creature to act.

(EDIT – ‘fella, guy, he’ = ‘girl, girl, she’ … It’s a female puppy and I forgot until after writing this post)