Anyone who frequents this site (the few of you) know that I have recently been really playing around with the design.  Most of the wordpress themes out there are customized for particular demographics and are extremely difficult to modify to your own taste or to improve them and make better.

So I went out to and found some good ones that I liked.  I went through 10-12 of them, all having nice features, but some things were missing or there was too much clutter, bad spacing, etc.

I happened across a Simple Apple Mac OS X looking design that was nice looking, but ended up being extremely simple in design.  I only had to modify about 5-6 images to get my site looking the way it is.

To save some time, instead of creating the layout completely by hand, I “borrowed” some elements from other sites. 

Thanks to:

Post a comment and let me know what you think of the new look.