PARIS — Police officers, exhausted and dispirited after 11 nights of street battles, say their mainly young African and Arab adversaries have access to sophisticated weapons including grenades and could soon begin using them.

A dozen officers were injured, two of them seriously, after being shot with hunting rifles fitted with lead pellets during rioting last night in the suburb of Grigny, south of Paris, police said.

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These idiots need to be crushed with overwhelming military force. Any rioter or looter caught in the street burning or stealing stuff needs to be shot on sight. Some may say violence will only cause more violence, and that is true, but if the police and military mobilize and crush the movement, it will stop.

Once it’s over, France needs to ethnically purge itself and deport these “mainly young African and Arab adversaries” back to their proper country as punishment, even if they themselves were not born there. And their parents too for not raising children to respect the country that took them in. Although poor, they still have a better life than in Africa or Arab countries. They are all taking it for granted.