mysql_100x52-64.gifAlthough this is a bit technical in nature, when I googled it, no one I saw, right off, had a simple solution to this problem.

This error was returned to me after calling the stored procedure in MySQL 5.0.18 from an ASP script in IIS 6.0 on a Windows 2003 Server. I knew this should work because I tested in on my machine at work and it was fine, as well as on my personal IIS webserver on my home machine.

Weird… Ok so. Here is the solution…

Download (and install) the latest MySQL ODBC Connector

That’s all I did on my production server, rebooted, and it works fine now. The ODBC on my server was only a few months old, but I guess after MySQL 5.0.x came out with stored procedure capability, the ODBC driver had to be updated as well.

If you are using a 3rd party provider, it may be a little more difficult to get your admins to update the driver… If you have any trouble, send a message to yours ISPs support with a link to this article.