I love WordPress, but one thing that it’s not known for is having a really nice default theme.  It is exceptionally plain.  I’ve spent HOURS looking for nice functional themes only to download ones that “seem” nice then suck once you install them and have problems in the code that weren’t present on the screen cap.

Over the course of my journeys through many, many theme sites, I kept running across a developer whose free themes I have used before.

Brian Gardner

Revolution2His free themes are nice, clean and customizable.  The first one I used was the “Revolution Blue” (comes in red and gray too).

I ran across his site again the other day and saw that the “Revolution2” series is available and he seems to be getting together a nice group of developers and focusing in many different genres of WordPress themes, from general blogs to Real Estate, TV, Office, Photography, etc.  These new themes make WordPress act more like a true CMS system than “just another WordPress blog”.

With a few free plugins and a little effort, these themes can give any WordPress installation a nice facelift.

For the good stuff, there is a cost involved, but the cost is minimal compared to the time I have wasted trying to find a decent design for my site.  Brian also supports the themes on his website forums and if WordPress updates come out that break any of them or has new functionality, he puts out updates.  Also, his response to email is very quick (even last night, while on vacation, he responded to my email 🙂 ).  So the cost is WELL worth it.

I plan on implementing one of the Revolution2 themes over the next few weeks (as time permits).