So what do you all think about this Terri Schiavo (Search) stuff?

I personally understand both sides of it… The husband claims she said a long time ago that she told him she would not want to live if something like this happened to her. If my wife told me the same, I would honor her wishes… BUT, only if the rest of the family didn’t have any doubt she could recover.

The parents have been there for her, all the are asking is simply Michael Schiavo divorce their daughter and turn custody over to them. The reasons he doesn’t do this are speculative, but the main factor I think is playing a part is the money from the lawsuits.

If the wife stays alive and he divorces her, the parents get the $$ to take care of her… If she dies while he is still married, he keeps the money. People have killed others for MUCH less. I think that’s the only reason he is fighting for her demise.

Then these rich guys come forward and offer him millions to let her parents take over (them getting the $$), but he turns them down. If he takes it, then everyone will know he’s in it for the money. I bet he’s kicking himself now…

He already has another family, a new girlfriend and two kids… He could care less about whether her parents take custodianship of Terri.

My opinion, (and they’re like assholes, everyone has one), is that this guy is a scumbag only in this for the money. Plan and simple. That’s all. I think everyone is blowing this out of proportion.