I know MANY people have reported problems with the new 2.5 WordPress, especially in the backend administration portion.

The only problem I’ve personally run into so far is inserting images into a post after uploading it. The upload portion including the new flash uploader works flawlessly for me, then when I hit “Insert” to put it in the post, the “Add an Image” popup would just go blank and sit there forever. I tried various things including disabling all plugins, manually updating the files in the wp-admin and wp-includes folder to no avail.

Here is how I fixed my installation…

I simply reinstalled it using the following steps…

  • Backup blog and database… (ZIPped up blog and MySQL Admin backed up database)
  • Used WordPress Export to export settings, articles, comments etc. for reimportation after reinstall
  • Clear out the blog web root and delete all content in the database leaving it blank.
  • Dropped new WP 2.5 files into the root and went through the install process for the new blog
  • Reimported the XML file with the settings, articles, etc…
  • Made sure my other settings like Permalinks were still setup correctly
  • Copied over my themes, plugins and uploads folder so I wouldn’t have broken links and reactivated my plugins and theme.

The only thing that I can see that didn’t reimport back over was my blogroll links. To fix this, I went ahead and restored my old database and ran this SQL command… from the commandline.

insert into idude.wp_links select * from idude_OLD.wp_links;

Looks like everything is back up and running for me, and it only took about 10 minutes.