Mac OSX LeopardApple has a cool page setup as a sneak preview to the next major release of Mac OS X. Looks like it’s going to be really awesome.

One thing I wish though is that Apple would look more, if they aren’t already, into getting Mac OS X running on normal PCs. I know the major hassle with that is driver support. But as Apple’s architecture becomes more and more PC-like with the Intel processors and Intel Video cards, it should become much easier.

Now I have installed OS X 10.4.6 on my “Dell/Mac” but it wasn’t a full experience. The video card in the Dell was a 16/32mb shared VRAM integrated card, which looked fine, but didn’t have the full 3D support for a things that make the OSX unique. Network card support was lacking. I went through a stack of old NIC cards until I found one that worked. Perhaps with a good ATI card in the Dell Mac, it would work much better.

But I think if Apple releases a full x86 version of Mac OS X, they could really clean up around Christmas time, since Microsoft’s Vista has been delayed until after the holiday season. I would much rather spend $129 or so on an full featured x86 version of Mac OS X than MUCH more on a not so full featured Vista.

Basically, if XP can run on the current Apple Hardware, they should reverse that as well. They could really make inroads into the OS Market if they do.