A deal with Intel, said one report, could possibly result in Apple computers being sold at less expensive prices, which would better position them alongside the traditionally cheaper computers using Microsoft’s operating systems.

I was surfing Google New and saw this article.

I think Apple could do something that would make a lot of people like me happy, us techies. Make a version of MacOSX that would run on conventional x86 chips or at least the Itanium, Opteron and the standard 64 bit PC chips coming out these days.

This shouldn’t be an extremely difficult task. MacOSX is pretty much a BSD Linux variant that has been beat with a pretty stick. If I could run everything I could on other versions of Linux, but do up on an x86 version of MacOSX, I would switch to OSX in a heartbeat. I just cannot justify the cost for a highend G5 workstation. But for 60-70% cheaper you can get a pretty decent homebrew PC. Heck, I saw an AMD64 eMachine for $629 before a $50 rebate. Besides the video, which I’m sure can be upgraded, this PC would rock.

So I personally hope Apple is in talks with Intel and they start to migrate over to x86 or a future variant.