Bank of MexicoNEW YORK (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp. has begun offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers, typically illegal immigrants, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

In recent years, banks across the country have been offering checking accounts and even mortgages to the nation’s fast-growing ranks of undocumented immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic, the paper said, adding these immigrants generally have not been able to get major credit cards.

The new Bank of America card is open to people who lack both a Social Security number and a credit history, as long as they have held a checking account with the bank for three months without an overdraft, the Journal said.

Bank of America tested the program last year at five branches in Los Angeles, and last week expanded it to 51 branches in Los Angeles County, home to the largest concentration of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Journal said.

The bank hopes to roll out the program nationally later this year, the paper said.

A Bank of America spokesman was not immediately available to comment.

I’m almost beyond words…

These aliens are undocumented, unknown people who could be criminals, terrorists, etc. and this bank wants to hand out credit cards like candy.  Couldn’t they simply just REQUIRE a green card or some validatable ID?

Scenario: Random, renegade Islamo-Fascist guy, which disguises himself as a Mexican, gets a credit card from the BoA and then takes that credit card and buys materials to cause a terroristic act.  And with the card, it could happen quicker than if he/she were to NOT have the card and have to work longer to save enough to do the same thing.  Therefore risking being caught before the act, in the process of gathering materials.

So, boycott Bank of America if you feel this is wrong.  I am going to transfer and cancel my credit cards and refinance my house to another company.