Fedora LogoJust tonight I downloaded and installed Fedora Core 4 Test 1. To me it was pretty much the same as Core 3 except it seemed to take a bit longer to install with my standard options.

It also seemed to take a while to boot. May have been a DHCP delay due to the multiple NIC cards I use in my install machine. Not all the NICs where plugged in.

Overall the GUI looked about the same. After getting through the sluggish boot up, logging in and getting to the Desktop (took a while as well), I SSH’ed into the machine and ran ‘top’ and the processor load was up around 7.50… The offending processes were ‘gdm-binary’ (GNOME Desktop Manager) & ‘syslogd’ (SysLog Daemon)… Both taking up around 50% of the CPU time.

I killed ‘syslogd’ and of course didn’t kill ‘gdm-binary’ as I needed it to use the GUI interface.

I don’t know why ‘gdm-binary’ was taking up all those resources, but the only thing I could think of was it was secretly running a distributed client of some kind (RC5, SETI, etc.), since it was running fairly nicely once I completely got to the desktop.

More on this OS as it matures…