I usually don’t post about my “real life”, but I got an email today from a guy in my old boy scout troop that organizes the troop reunion…

Forwarded was this news article:

Victim Identified In Dayton Fatal Crash

Friday, December 12, 2008 – updated: 12:19 pm EST December 14, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio — A man killed Friday in a three-car crash in Dayton has been identified by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

Dwayne Bullock, 31, of Xenia was killed at Washington and Main Streets when a man driving a stolen car ran a red light.

Lt. Brian Johns, Dayton Police Department, said, “He chose to drive at least 70 mph on a downtown service street and ran a red light.”

The man who is suspected of driving the stolen car was identified as Antwan Rhines, 22.

Three other passengers were injured and taken to Miami Valley Hospital.

Police said Rhines was captured after a brief foot chase and was then taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

Police said the stolen car, a Chevrolet Malibu, was reported stolen earlier in the evening from North Main Street.

Dwayne, the victim, was a member of my scout troop back in the 90’s.  He was always a really smart and bright kid.  I knew he’d turn out ok.  He ended up working his way through college and became a software developer (like myself) and made it into management at his company.  I remember, a little, his brother who was also in the car, but did not know his wife or his brother’s girlfriend.  I hadn’t talked to Dwayne in many, many years, mostly since I moved from Lebanon to Carlisle/Franklin area and became less active in the troop.  Although it was so long ago and we were so detached, it still sucks for something like this to happen to someone you knew and considered a friend.  Imagine too his wife losing her husband and young daughter, her father, so close to the holidays at such a young age.  Tragic.

Although the death of any family member or friend sucks, you sort-of expect the old people to die, not ones so young with so many years ahead of them.

Here is a more detailed article from Lebanon’s West Star paper.

Former Lebanon man killed in Dayton crash

Monday, December 15, 2008

DAYTON — Former Lebanon resident Dwayne Bullock was killed in downtown Dayton Friday, Dec. 12, when a man driving a stolen car crashed into his vehicle.

Antwan Rhines, 22, of Dayton was driving a stolen Chevrolet Malibu west on Washington Street when he ran a traffic light and collided with a minivan at the intersection of Main Street, according to Dayton Police Lt. Brian Johns

The car then ran into Bullock’s car.

Bullock, 31, of Xenia, died at the scene.

There were three passengers in Bullock’s car, including his wife, Dara Bullock, and brother, Joey Bullock of West Chester Twp., who have both been released from the hospital. Joey’s girlfriend, who has not been identified, was also a passenger in the car and remains in Miami Valley Hospital with several injuries.

Bullock and his wife have a 4-year-old daughter.

Bullock was a 1995 graduate of Lebanon High School. He received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and an MBA from Wright State University. He was employed with Enterprise Information Management as a managing software developer.

Bullock’s parents, Dennis and Kathy Bullock, live in Oregonia. Kathy recently retired from her job as transportation director for the Little Miami School District.

A visitation will be held from 5-9 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 16, with funeral service at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 17, at the Heritage Baptist Church in Lebanon.

A trust fund has been set up in the name of the Bullocks’ daughter, Danica, at Fifth Third Bank. Arrangements are being made by the Oswald-Hoskins Funeral Home.