fedora.pngLast night I downloaded the entire 3.1gb FC5 Install ISO and burned it this evening. At first it scared me a little, the first DVD burn failed, the second did too! The third was the charm, I lowered the burn speed 2x to 6x and it completed just fine.

The install, at least for me, was enormously painless. Some have complained of nVidia issues, but it detected my 6200OC just fine as well as the exact model of my 17″ LCD.

I picked almost all the packages on the DVD and then left it to install, it was easily done before 24 (what a great show!) was over. So I rebooted and everything was perfect. I have had absolutely no problems, no bugs, no glitches, no nothing. So far at least. I’ll keep testing and post back later this week if I find anything.

My basic machine specs are as follows.

The guts: eMachine D6405
AMD Athlon x64 3000+
1gb DDR-2700
Crappy spare 40gb WD PATA drive.
nVidia 6200OC 256mb (I think)

So far so good… Later this week I’m going to download the 64 bit version and install it on a different drive on my Dell/Mac mentioned in a previous post. It’s a Dell SC-430 Intel 2.8ghz 64bit Dualcore Server so it should be nice and speedy as long as it has been utilized to it fullest potential.

Overall, I would have to say Fedora Core 5 has been the simplest and quickest to install considering the size of it. The smoothest, nicest looking GNOME build I’ve seen in a while and totally painless after logging in. Everything is layed out well and easy to find in the menus.

Just got done using PUP to update my machine, again almost completely dummy proof… a couple clicks and 100+ software packages are updated with no further input except “click to finish”.

Out of 10, I think I give this Linux a 9/10…

Let’s see how it holds up

I’ll try and post another message around the weekend with any updates.