On Friday evening, Bill Clinton’s lawyers sent a new letter to ABC chief Bob Iger demanding that ABC yank “The Path to 9/11.” We’ve obtained a copy of the letter, and it reads in part: “As a nation, we need to be focused on preventing another attack, not fictionalizing the last one for television ratings. `The Path to 9/11′ not only tarnishes the work of the 9/11 Commission, but also cheapens the fith anniversary of what was a very painful moment in history for all Americans. We expect that you will make the responsible decision to not air this film.” Full text of the letter after the jump.

I know people who were in Washington D.C. before and after 9/11 and most of the “fictional” things that are described as being in these shows are true. They (the previous administration) just does not want the American people to know about them.

Most of the good things that are done to keep America safe are kept secret too, at least until they leak to the press and the players are hailed as great Americans and get their place in American history.

But MANY more of the bad things that have happened are completely denied by the administrations, including Clinton’s (many told and untold of stories of abuse) and both Bush’s (Same), no matter how much evidence is leaked out to the contrary.

Credible, well-known people who witnessed these events and speak out are destroyed by the government and the media over petty issues. Less well-known people who speak out are made into un-patriotic wacko nutjobs who have a governmental grudge.

bergers.jpgBut despite how I feel about some of these past administrative actions. I think most of them are better left secret unless they have irrepairably harmed the United States, such as the actions of not only Samuel “sticky fingers” Berger, who “stole” some documents that could be used toClinton1s.jpg show his inaction to respond to terrorist capturing/killing tips, but also Mr. Clinton himself, who did not take a stronger stance and ignore the bad advice of the former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR (Mr. Berger), Advisor being the key-word, when it came to Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. His job was to advise, to give advice. Not to make the final decision. That was the president’s job and the former president let us down when it came to “whacking Osama Bin Laden” when he had the chance. I’m sure there is more behind it, and other factors to include, but that is the bottom-line.

Let the truth (in this case) be told.