Embracing the Apple Ecosystem: Simplifying Electronic Life

Embracing the Apple Ecosystem: Simplifying Electronic Life

The Apple Device ecosystem is often met with skepticism, but once you embrace it, you'll find that managing your electronic life becomes significantly simpler and more convenient. My journey with Apple began way back in 1981 when I first encountered Apple computers in...

What Independence Day is For Me

I know for most people out there, the 4th of July is a day of fireworks, cooking out, boating, etc. (or huddling in their abode with their scared pets 😉 ) and many don’t understand the origins of it and why it is celebrated. It is, basically, to celebrate...

Why I’m Quitting Apple – Specifically iPhones

To start, I’ve always been an Apple fan - more than that really, an Apple evangelist, when it comes to technology, unified hardware/software platform, design aesthetics, mobile app security and so on. Back in 2007, I bought the original iPhone 1 even though there was...

Hillary & Trump – Election 2016 – Is this the end?

Hillary & Trump – Election 2016 – Is this the end?

Many people who know me may tend to think I lean towards the "right", but I do so much less than they have seen. My newer friends may see me leaning much more to the "left", but I still have many views that are not. And considering my background, I'll have to say my...

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